Friday, February 21, 2014

Out of the Garden, part four

Part Four by Josey Bozzo ...

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Yes, help her. That was exactly what I had to do. But how in the world was I supposed to do that? Where do I find medicine for a fairy? Touching her seemed unwise. Mishandling her fragile form might break her beyond repair.
Her weeping worried me. Was she in pain? With all the talk of liver damage from this pain reliever and recurring illness from others, just what was I to administer to a mythical creature? Perhaps she didn’t have a liver. I thought to Google “how to fix a fairy,” but quickly dismissed the idea.
            I longed to talk to Granny, but she was gone now. When I’d stayed at her house as a child, her stories enticed me to believe in fairies. I wish I’d paid better attention, but Granny had never told me what to do if a fairy landed broken on my doorstep. I was sure of that.
Granny’s stories were lovely, taking me back to a time when magic had been possible. Many a nights I'd slid into sleep with blissful thoughts of twirling around the garden in the moonlight with dozens of fairies flittering around me, the breeze from their wings moving my hair away from my face and tickling my cheeks.
I dropped to the floor again and peered into the box. Those were just dreams, this was real.
My head whipped up. My family had arrived. I looked down at Her one last time, reaching for the box lid, and said, “I have to go.”
I looked at Hector. The cat stared back, his amber eyes wide with interest. She’d spoken. The Her had spoken. I bent closer.
“Neachtar…” she said again, and closed her eyes, drifting, I hoped, into to healing sleep.

. . . To be continued next Friday.

Thank you, Josey!

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Megan Sayer said...

Ooooh, and suddenly I want to know the big question: What Happens Next!

Bonnie Grove said...

I'll tell you next week!

Henrietta Frankensee said...

Well done, Josey! You create wonderful magic. Your timing is perfect and our connection with Hector is secured. I can't wait for your post, Bonnie!

Henrietta Frankensee said...

I just Googled 'how to fix a fairy'. Disappointment heaps upon sorrow. Nothing but gardening tips on how to eradicate mushrooms from your lawn. Well, there is a book about Tinkerbell in a Fairy Fix. And the Fix-it Fairy. I'm going to have to post on Wikipedia all about fairy medicine. Can't be anymore unbelievable than some other stuff on there.

Cherry Odelberg said...

Nice work, Josey. You moved it along and left it open-ended. So much scope for the imagination.

Patti Hill said...

I just had a sneak preview of Bonnie's installment for next week. Let's just say that the plat thickens.

V. Gingerich said...

I'm learning just how much space there is between Fridays. :)

I had to grin when she thought of Google, and I love that Granny comes into the story. My granny has taught me a lot about wonders and miracles.