Friday, December 5, 2014



Two days ago was the coming of the great light
The coming of herders
The coming of angels
The coming of the Child
In ratcheting pain,
In water and blood,
In relief and peace.

Above, the star still blasts the stable roof
A white hot light
That has bleached out all the others

She stirs in the shadows cast
By starlight through ceiling slits
Everyone snores, even the cattle
Exhausted with exulting

All is still
All is bright

This, then
Is the fullness of time:
An unwitting world does not know it has waited,
A baby moves tiny lips and does not know He hungers.

This, then
Is the fullness of breasts:
A young girl wonders,
And aches with milk that has not yet let down

(c) copyright Latayne C. Scott
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