Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our New Movie Saturday

We have decided that everyone needs to see a little movie on Saturdays.  At least once a month.  Free. 

So we'll be bringing you our book trailers -- little mini-movies -- on Saturdays. Since my book, Latter-day Cipher,  is the most recently-released, we bring you its trailer today!

Yes, it's graphic.  Yes, it's not your usual Christian book trailer.  But -- and the other gals made me say this -- the novel is #16,000 in the rankings on  (Grace of God, grace of God, all the way.)

So -- here it is!

1 comment:

Patti Hill said...

Getting close to the end, Latayne, and you surprised the heck out of me. I never would have dreamed! Thanks for the great trailer. It catches the mood of the book so well. Your writing, and I'm not just saying this, is probingly (is that a word?) brilliant. Gotta go finish Latter-Day Cipher...