Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marching Forth - We Have a Winner!

And it's Lynn Dean, who dares to flout the rules, and, so doing, finds courage to march forth.

Lynn dear, two things:
  1. Get a copy of Mariette in Ecstasy by Ron Hansen, and read the last chapter. I promise, once you've read it, you'll want to read the whole novel.
  2. Send us your address at novelmatters at gmail dot com.
Here's Lynn's entry:

Small nagging worries are like cockleburs that cling to us as we stumble through our uncharted days. Annoying, but a distraction too insignificant to impede progress. Real fear has talons. It rips and tears at our resolve. It dogs us late into the night and, when we finally collapse into our beds, leaves us frantic and panting as we imagine the worst.

We cower, convinced that risk is too risky—that we should never again venture far from what is known and certain.

Maybe that’s why I read the last chapter of a book immediately after reading the first. Once I know what the hero is up against, I crave the reassurance that all will end well. The unknown becomes known, uncertainties certain. I find strength in an ending that is happy, or at least satisfying, proving that whatever comes the risk was worth it. If only real life was like a book.

But isn’t it?

Like a book, the story of our lives has an Author who perfects our faith—One who endured for the sake of a happy ending and emerged victorious.

As in a novel, the divine Author writes struggle into our stories, shaping our character through conflict. Without challenges we have no story. Without obstacles we do not grow. And yet our Author paces our stories, interspersing times of trial with Sabbath sequels. Selah.

And so I will continue my quirky reading habit. My friends may laugh, but I’ve read the last chapter. We win! And so we march forth.


sally said...

Congratulations, Lynn. And...I have a couple of friends who read last chapters first and I've never understood it or condoned it. It hurts me to see them do it, in fact.

But it makes sense when you put it this way. Yes, we know the end from the beginning because the Author has given us spoilers. I never thought of it like that before. :) Thanks.

Unknown said...

Beautifully written, Lynn!! Congratulations!

Karen @ a house full of sunshine said...

Oops. Forgot to sign out of my husband's account. That was me wishing you congratulations in the previous comment.

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Congratulations, Lynn.
I have been tempted to turn to the back of a book but I don't allow myself to "cheat." After reading what you wrote I think I can give myself permission to try it. :)

Footprints From the Bible by Cynthia Davis said...

My family laughs at me because I read the end first, too!

Thank you for the thoughts on the Divine Author, too-beautiful.