Wednesday, December 12, 2012

For the Writer Who Has Everything

A few years ago, a good friend surprised me with a Christmas gift that both gratified and inspired me.  It was a wall clock that said, “Keep Writing.” This whimsical gift communicated her support for my writing and encouraged me to keep going.  It still hangs by my writing desk.

With the holidays coming (soon!) I have found a wide variety of gifts for writers. Some are serious and some are funky, most are useful. All are found online.  Here are a few suggestions for that writer-friend who has everything. Most are found at Cafepress, Amazon or Zazzle:

When it's time for the writer to pull an all-night re-write, this thermos will hold enough java to keep his/her eyes open til dawn. 'It's November. Do you know what your word count is?',486025222

 Or for the de-caffeinated among us, the 'Sir Writes-A Lot' water bottle.,420757328

 The Rules of Writing mug to remind the writer to keep going and...for crying out loud, just don't think!

Ta-da!  The Rewrite Desk. This could work if they're not claustrophobic.

The LED pen for waking in the dark, panicked that he/she will forget the brilliant idea that came in a dream.


 For the sentimental, a beautiful holiday ornament is here,667271248

Something very practical - a cute laptop sleeve:

Wall art for the uptight writer:,625038273
Wall art for the inspired writer:

And my personal favorite - a Team Bradbury salute to Fahrenheit 451.

I hope this makes your holiday shopping easier. Do you have a favorite writerly gift that you have received?  Please share it with us - there are only 13 shopping days left til Christmas!



Jennifer Major said...

I want the "you are dangerously close" one!!! I'll mail it to my sister.

Patti Hill said...

Jennifer, all of my relatives believe they're in my novels, but I'm not confirming or denying.

Debbie, I love that pen! If I don't find it in my stocking, I'll order one myself.

Thanks for all the fun ideas. Lots of writers on my list.

Debbie Fuller Thomas said...

Jennifer, that's funny! I also received a t-shirt that says 'Be careful or you'll end up in my novel' but I haven't had the guts to wear it outside the house. It makes me feel very 'writerly'.

Jennifer Major said...

It is SO cute that you all think I'm kidding.
And pathetically sad that I'm borderline not kidding.

Susie Finkbeiner said...

A few Christmases ago, I was struggling with my novel, worried that it would never find a home. My beautiful mom gave me a mug that had a vintage typewriter on it and the words "Write Your Own Story" on it. That gift was one of the most meaningful I've ever received. Yeah. I love coffee/tea. But it was more than that. It was her gift of support.

Shoot. Now I'm all teary.

S. F. Foxfire said...

Ha! These gifts are great!

Patti, I try so hard to nod and pretend I'm listening to people who want to be put in a novel. It's so hard to promise that, because as writers, our perceptiveness doesn't always bring out the good qualities. (And shouldn't. Who wants to read fluff? BLAGH.)

I have this bookmark from a bookstore in NYC that says "Keep Calm and Read On." We should start something that says, "Keep Calm and Write On!"

Debbie Fuller Thomas said...

Great idea, but they're way ahead of us! Xheck out this page

Debbie Fuller Thomas said...

Xheck??? I need to go to bed. :P

Henrietta Frankensee said...

Notebooks and pens. Smooth inky pens, the fountain inky kind. Nothing sweeter.
Or a gift card for editing time. I just spent an hour with the Writer in Residence at the University of Calgary. Deborah Willis. I love her to bits! Practical, pure, 100%, down to her marrow gracious and encouraging. And Jewish so we might not see her around here. My story is already better for her help and I haven't opened the file.
So if anybody loves me for Christmas they will pay for me to speak with an editor.