Thursday, March 12, 2009

Next Up: Tomorrow's Guest, Andy McGuire


Excuse me?

We all hope you are paying attention at Novel Matters, because frankly, if you read our posts, you are more likely to comment. We love the conversations that take place here, and we really love to read what you are thinking.

But tomorrow's post will be extra special. We honestly think you should wake up in the morning thinking about it, eager to check in at this address. Because tomorrow we will host our first guest blogger, Andy McGuire. We're so proud we can't stand it.

Andy is an editor at Bethany House Publishers. He's also the author and illustrator of a gorgeous, delightful book for children, Rainy Day Games: Fun With the Animals of Noah's Ark.

More than that, Andy is passionate and eloquent about the topic of great literature, and he's going to let us in on the books he loves to read, and why he loves to read them. Do wake up thinking of us. We've got something special for you tomorrow.

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