Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Secrets Can't Be Kept

Our first Christmas as man and wife was especially tight financially. No problem. We were in love, and we brought with us a tradition of making gifts for one another. I chose to make Dennis a corduroy jacket with a pocket on the sleeve. (Stupid, stupid pocket.)

Our apartment was about the size of a walk-in closet, so I sequestered Dennis in the "living room" while I sewed at the "kitchen" counter. He read while I snipped, pressed, basted, and stitched. Then I ripped that darn pocket off more than once. Finally, the stitching was perfect. I shouted, "The
pocket looks great!"

I clamped my hand over my mouth and sobbed. I'd ruined the surprise. Dennis knew better than to come into the kitchen. He soothed me from the doorway. "I don't know what kind of pocket or what it's on. You could be making me just about anything--pajamas, a pool table, a pair of overalls. I'll be surprised, I promise."

A few days later he kept his promise. But the jacket was too small. Sigh.

That was years ago, but here's another Christmas, and the Novel Matters gals are just as eager to surprise you for Christmas with something worthy of your friendship and support over the last two years. And we know it will fit!

Soon after 2010 dawned, we started talking about creating a Christmas gift for our readers. We tossed around a few ideas--eReaders all around or perhaps all-expenses-paid vacations to the Tahitian Islands. We settled on a collaborative eDocument. You've become so dear to us, so each of us did our modest magic and tardily sent off the results to Katy for compilation.

Oh my.

We expected something wonderful from Katy. She's an artist, after all. But she has taken our offerings and created a masterpiece--all for you.

What is it?

Know this: It's free. It's beautiful. It's full of Novel Matters wisdom and inspiration--and something else, something exceptionally clever and useful. And it's for you and anyone you care to share it with--and you won't be re-gifting! Just in time for Christmas. Every Christian writer and reader will want one.


No lines. No shipping. No hassles.

Coming this Friday (drum roll, please!), Novel Tips on Rice: What to Cook When You'd Rather Be Writing or Vice Versa. The link to the .pdf document will be included in Friday's post. I'm blurting out the surprise again. I'm too excited to keep the secret that long. Also, we don't want anyone to miss out.

We think we've come up with the best way to say we love you at Christmas and always. See you on Friday!


Wendy Paine Miller said...

Oh, I love it!

And you know I'll be passing this on.

You ladies are so cool.

Merry Christmas!
~ Wendy

Debra E. Marvin said...

Great story and I'm looking forward to the 'surprise' on Friday.

Footprints From the Bible by Cynthia Davis said...

Cool, sounds fun.

Bonnie Grove said...

We hope you all will love this little offering as much as we loved creating it.
Katy is a genius and truly gets the credit for making our idea sparkle.
Recipes, tips, funny pictures - it has it all!

Marcia said...

Sounds delightful! Thanks so much to all of you ladies for giving of your time and energy. I'm lookin' forward to the funny pictures as much as the recipes. It's in laughter and silliness that we truly get to know each other.

Tina F said...

Wonderful! I am looking forward to this. How very kind of you!! Thanks. :-)

Patti Hill said...

You're definitely going to love the funny pictures. You'll know us much, much better. We can't wait to show you!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!
But then...oh yeah! That's what I do...wait...and wait...and....

Unknown said...

Want to start off by thanking the acfwbookclub for introducing me to this blogspot and thank you for the love shown through the wonderful CHRISTmas gift... one that will last a lifetime and be shared by many... can't wait to explore Novel Matters even more... have a great day....

Bonnie Grove said...

Cleda: We're thrilled to have you join our community of readers and writers. Welcome!

Ellen Staley said...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow! Thank you for thinking of us.

I love the sound of good recipes and funny pictures. How did you know I could use some help in the cooking department?!

Thank you for the generous offer of your time and talent and may your holidays are filled with the joy of Christ.