Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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We had a brilliant conversation this week (and it's only Wednesday) about success, what it is and what it means to us.

Katy said she was happy with obscurity and I agree with her. While I've never known the pressures of world-wide fame, I'm pretty certain I don't want to deal with the invasion of privacy that J.K. Rowling has dealt with. I'm a nice person--hey, I'm Canadian, we're all nice--but bushes of journalists growing outside my front door would turn me cranky pretty quick. I'd totally go ZsaZsa Gabor on them.

Which is ironic because of what I'm going to say next.

David C. Cook is running a promotion for my novel Talking to the Dead--starting tomorrow, Thursday, November 15. I promised the marketing team there that I wouldn't talk about it until later this evening, so, weirdly, I'm talking about how I'd like to keep my quiet obscure life while at the same time hinting to you about a promotion for my novel, while at the same time, not being able to tell you about it until later today. (If you click the link, you'll have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen tomorrow and Friday.)

Life's weird, eh?

So let me keep my obscurity, while at the same time doing me the favour of returning to this blog post later this evening to check out the details of the special promo happening Thursday and Friday--and please share with your friends.

Yeah, a writer's life is weird. We write books we think no one will ever read, then people read them, and we think they'll never go anywhere while the entire time praying they will.

The six of us writers of Novel Matters are so glad you're along with us on this weird ride, sharing your stories of your weird ride.


Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

My first book isn't due to come out until the first of the year and I am already tired of the fame it is bringing me in my work place. Yes, I want to tell everyone about it, but some days I don't want to talk about it ever again.

Yes, it is weird being a writer. And, no, I can't imagine ever being truly famous. That would be so yucky.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

"I'd totally go ZsaZsa Gabor on them." Cracking me up!

A writer's life is weird--agreed!
~ Wendy

Bonnie Grove said...

Congratulations on your first published book, Chris! Please tell us more about it (even if you're sick of talking about it--sorry but tell us anyway!)

Wendy: Glad to make you smile.

Jennifer Major said...

Of course you're a nice Canadian!! 99.99999% of us are. The rest just got the wrong order at Tim's and they'll be fine in a minute.
I'm fairly certain when my book comes out (see, all positive here) that my kids, my husband and my BFF's will *help* me crank down the mememememe stuff.
I'm looking forward to the promo!!

Sharon K. Souza said...

Jennifer, I love it: "The rest just got the wrong order at Tim's and they'll be fine in a minute." What a great line.

Samantha Bennett said...

So true! So many contradictions in this writing thaing!

Susie Finkbeiner said...

You know, I have to step over the paparazzi whenever I go to the store for milk...

Hm. No. That should read that I have to step over pieces of Mr. Potato Head on my way to the store.

I used to want to be famous. Eh. Now it just seems like a big hassle.

Bonnie, I'm excited for the "big reveal"!

Patti Hill said...

Bonnie: I'm tickled that Cook is doing this promotion for you. Once people read you, they'll want more and more. Good luck on the obscurity thing.

The rest of you: You're hysterical! Thanks for the smiles.

Bonnie Grove said...

Jennifer: Too funny!
Family has a way of bringing you back to yourself. I recall my Mom asking if I would meet a friend of hers that was excited to meet me after reading my novel. My dad said, "She's excited. But she's easily impressed."


Samantha: It's embarrassing, honestly. But all part of the package--and I've often found that when I stick my neck out I find not a guillotine waiting, but a kiss on the cheek. That's rewarding.

Susie: It kinda goes back to that poem I posted yesterday. I have all the humility in place for succeeding--but I have all the humiliation of failure more so in place. I do remember Mr. PotatoHead. We kept ours--the kids don't play with it, but I couldn't part with it either.

Patti: Mwah!

Henrietta Frankensee said...

I have been excluded from Blogger for this week because of a software upgrade! How frustrating! I did enjoy reading the comments but I wanted to say....
Success is having someone love my characters as much as I do, and thrill at the development in plot and personality with me.
And the best way to be famous AND obscure is to put it in the will that the manuscript is the gold mine inheritance.
This is very good marketing, Bonnie. I shall spread the word of you brilliance.
Here's hoping this gets through!

Bonnie Grove said...

Henrietta, You're the best.