Friday, August 1, 2014

Test Your Grammar Skills

Yet another misspelled word in the overhead at church on Sunday prompted this little quiz. Just for fun, test your grammar skills (no fair looking up the answers -- they're pretty easy anyway) then go to our Comments section and post the number of answers you got right. Ready ... set ...

  1. The team had (its, it's) first win of the year.
  2. There was a (fowl, foul) odor coming from the neighbor's backyard.
  3. There's quite an age gap between her and (me, I).
  4. (Whose, who's) fault is it anyway?
  5. I'm beginning to think (they're, their) not coming.
  6. It was a heavy burden to (bare, bear).
  7. His apology was in (vein, vain, vane).
  8. I hate to exclude her, but she's such a (boar, bore).
  9. We went as a matter of (course, coarse).
  10. (Its, it's) one of my favorite books of all time).
  11. I don't recall (there, their, they're) address.
  12. The (cord, chord) on the lamp was twisted.
  13. In the (past, passed) I would have (past, passed) on the pie.
  14. I didn't mean to (bare, bear) my soul to her.
  15. I couldn't follow the (vein, vain) of his explanation.
  16. It was a (course, coarse) remark he made.
  17. It struck a (cord, chord) with me.
  18. Her (aid, aide) was late two days in a row.
  19. I wonder how it will (effect, affect) their relationship.
  20. A new haircut can certainly (alter, altar) one's looks.
  21. It was a (capitol, capital) idea!
  22. There was a (duel, dual) meaning to the paper he wrote.
  23. She entered the room with a (flair, flare), which had nothing to do with fire.
  24. I will (pour, pore) over the chapter until I have it memorized.
  25. The (principle, principal) put forth a (principle, principal).

Match the definition:   Antonym, Homonym, Synonym
  1. A word having the same meaning as another word.
  2. A word having  the same pronunciation as another word.
  3. A word having the opposite meaning from another word.

Answers are listed in the Comments section.


Sharon K. Souza said...

1. its
2. foul
3. me
4. whose
5. they're
6. bear
7. vain
8. bore
9. course
10. it's
11. their
12. cord
13. past, passed
14. bare
15. vein
16. coarse
17. chord
18. aide
19. affect
20. alter
21. capital
22. dual
23. flair
24. pore
25. principal, principle

1: synonym
2: homonym
3: antonym

Sharon K. Souza said...

Sorry for the formatting issue. When I look at the post on Blogger, the questions are aligned correctly, but here on the actual post it's all centered. I can't fix it. So I apologize.

Anonymous said...

One wrong (#3 -- I'd normally look that up to check it, because I know that's a problem spot for me.)

Thanks for the quiz. It was enjoyable!

Sue Field

Sharon K. Souza said...

Hi, Sue. #3 is a stickler for a lot of people. Just remember that when it's the object of a preposition (between), you use the objective case pronoun, which is "me." I think people think "I" sounds proper and so they use it, but often they use it incorrectly. It's only used as a subject. Thanks for taking the quiz. Glad you enjoyed it!

Susan Fox said...

Got 'em all, but then, I'd better!

Susan Fox said...

Got 'em all, but then, I'd better!

Susan Fox said...

I don't know why it posted twice. Sorry! But thanks for the test. We need to check ourselves out once in a while. ;)

HeidiDruKortman said...

100% correct.

Sharon K. Souza said...

Way to go, everyone. I enjoy this type of quiz. It keeps us on our toes.

Laura said...

100%, it was fun!