Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We at Novel Matters put together a recipe book a while back: Novel Tips on Rice. It contains some of our favorite recipes, along with some of our favorite writing tips  ... all in good fun! You can purchase this delightful book for $15, postage paid in the US. To order, email Sharon at
Below is Latayne's marvelous disclaimer.
Disclaimer:  The NovelMatters authors cannot be held responsible for any untoward factors related to the development and use of this cookbook, including but not limited to:  errors in printing and/or errors in judgment; download viruses, food poisoning, gagging children; small kitchen fires, large kitchen fires, house fires of any description; appliance malfunctions, ingredient malfunctions, logic malfunctions; wrong measurements, unauthorized condiments, failure to rise; rejection slips, slips of the tongue, slip and fall cases; the spoiled or out of date condition of your ingredients or query hooks; marital disputes, editorial disagreements, writing-related depression; accidental insertions of chapters from WIPs due to rogue cut and paste computer functions; hurt feelings, moral outrages, menopausal symptoms; forgetfulness, hearing loss, oblivion; ringing in the ears, phantom tastes, missing-limb syndrome; weight gain, weight loss, intolerance to all waiting; list-obsession, list-phobia, listlessness; tics or other involuntary actions; allergies, lip chewing or any other causes of swelling of the mouth; technophobia, claustrophobia, cibophobia (look it up), bibliophobia, gynephobia, chronophobia; dropsy, palsy, leprosy or any condition whatsoever that involves bodily emissions or any other King James malady. Or from any other Bible version.
This book was processed in facilities which produce other literary works involving nuts.
I have read and agree to the above conditions.

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